6 Tips on How to Let Sleep Get a Hold of You

Even with the pressing demands of a 24/7 lifestyle looming over all of us, there’s no denying the importance of getting that much-needed shuteye to recharge our batteries. Numerous articles have stated the dangers of not getting enough rest. Not only can serious health issues arise, but lack of sleep may ultimately lead to an untimely death.
There’s a story about this young CEO, who was far from being a slacker and regularly competed in marathons. The only thing he lacked was getting enough sleep. Sadly, after completing one of his regular workouts and settling down at home, he felt a sharp pain in his chest and abruptly fell to the ground. He never got up again. If you fail to clock in enough sleep, you may find yourself in a similar predicament.
It seems so daunting to try achieving the advised goal of at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. If you don’t mind having your blood pressure increase because you would rather be in zombie mode, then by all means, avoid hitting the sack and find yourself morphing into one of the walking dead.

So the question remains: How to get more sleep?

During our younger years, it seemed so effortless to party all night and then wait for the sun to rise. Little did we know, this cheap thrill was doing damage to our health. Sleep gives our delicately balanced systems a chance to recuperate, so rebooting for the next day comes easier. Don’t wear your body down because you couldn’t get yourself to take a break. The human body in all its magnificence wasn’t meant to be an engine in perpetual motion. The most sound advice anyone can give you is to take some “me-time” and that can include more time lying down on your pillow behind your eyelids.

Engage Sleep Mode

To maximize the benefits, one should have the proper mindset when trying to achieve results in an important activity, even if sleeping per se feels like a “non-activity”. An overactive brain tries to combat the feeling of doing nothing, when in reality the body is actually active in paying dividends to your overall well-being. That’s the first lesson on how to get better sleep, don’t fight it! Let the calmness of sleep just take over and lull you into a gentle slumber filled with peace and serenity. Unfortunately, we feel that we cannot escape the demands of an online society that doesn’t seem to allow us to get that much needed rest. But again, we must take in ample of sleep to rev up our engine, and that begins with not fighting your need for sleep.

Clear Your Mind and Spirit

A lot of people are looking for natural ways on how to sleep better at night. In fact, one of those ways is simply to clear your mind and spirit before you go to bed. The day has come to an end. Whatever you had to do has been done and whatever you need to do will get done. Be present in the process of entering dreamland. Let go of all your worries and anxieties. Losing sleep over something that's beyond your control in the moment is not worth losing much needed sleep. Why when it's time to go to sleep do our minds continuously worry about the fate of our siblings, relatives, and dear friends in need? Why right as we close our eyes to drift off to sleep do we allow our thoughts to race through the list of tasks for the next day? Thinking of all the negative outcomes causes so much fear that you end up losing sleep and wake up with heavy, dark bags under your eyes. The pointless worrying just ends up frightening you and keeps you up at night, hindering your performance for the next day. 

Surrender to your senses

Just breathe. Paying attention to the motion of taking a breath in and out will automatically begin to relax the body. That’s how most meditation sessions for sleep occur. You must surrender your being and acknowledge the powerlessness in the midst of seeming chaos. That dose of reality solidifies the present moment. We are here. This is what’s happening. There’s nothing we can do at this particular moment.

Ready your rest area

Close the curtains and turn the lights off. Block out any potential distractions. Put on some calming music. Light a candle and infuse the air with some essential oils to help you sleep. Cool down the room by lowering the thermostat on your air-conditioning unit or turn on a fan for a refreshing breeze. Whatever helps you to set the mood, do it. Don’t forget the most crucial ingredient for successfully preparing a cozy sleeping area. Perfectly soft sheets partnered with a supportive pillow will indeed help the cause. Once you’ve setup your room just how you like it, let your body drop and just relax.

Spray that snore away

Spray that snore away But, hold on a minute. What happens if your partner is a terrible snorer? Every night, emitting a loud noise similar to that of a saw cutting through a thick wooden log. At first, it's like a slow rumble, but the crescendo can potentially fill the entire room. This is a huge problem in many relationships, especially when their partner doesn't realize they're performing a continuous snoring concerto. What can couples do to save their sleep and not bring anymore strain to the relationship? How to stop snoring? Test out snore sprays, which help clear out the blocked nasal passages. Think of an airway free and clear of any blockage, so that the trumpeting noise is dampened or removed altogether. Instead of an annoying buzzing from the cavities, you won’t hear anything that will steal your precious sleep. Yes, looking into these snore sprays can bring more restful evenings instead of noisy snores and can save relationships.

Set in the Time for Sleep in Your Busy Schedule

Once you get in a routine of good nights of sleep, the mornings will become more refreshing due to the rest gained the night before. Another very essential suggestion that should be followed is to monitor a your sleep schedule. Set a reminder on your phone or get yourself psyched up to being under the covers at a certain time every night. You’ll help yourself get into a certain rhythm and practice so that sleep sets in more naturally. It will eventually become part of your health regimen. Perhaps, with effort and practice, your fears of not getting enough sleep will literally be put to rest. When they say it’s all in your head, there might be some truth to that. Try to brush away all the negative vibes and bring in more of the positive thoughts of tranquility. Before you know it, you’ll be snoozing with the rest of the world. Using a snore spray is much quieter, of course, than the loud saw sounds that have been coming out of your or your partners face. You will both be so thankful for nights of peace and quiet. When everyone sleeps well, then everything eventually turns out well. That’s what we call all hope for and may these suggestions assist you in achieving just that.