10 Interesting Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Various studies have shown that if you sleep naked, it helps your body recover from the exhausting effects of a long day. You must allow yourself this much needed rest and recuperation. Let’s dive even deeper here and discover the benefits of sleeping naked. Dozing off in your birthday suit may be the key ingredient to allowing you to enjoy more birthdays to come. Check out what a nude snooze can do for you.


Being in the buff is more than enough!

No need to invest anymore money in nightgowns, pajamas, or other sleepwear. This will help lessen your laundry expenses too; perhaps your bed sheets may need to be washed more often, but that cost is negligible. When you strip down to nothing, that’s the promising start of something.
Some researchers at the University of Amsterdam have discovered that lowering your skin temperature can increase the depth of your sleep and reduce waking up at various times throughout the night. Practicing “The Full Monty” every evening allows your entire body to cool down, making it much easier to fall asleep.


Be confident! Get active!

Let’s face it. Once you change into your pajamas, your body knows it’s time to settle in and get comfortable. If you don’t make an effort to get out of the house to see people, you are risking the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Inactivity will add some extra weight to your waistline and can deteriorate the brain. Once you feel more fancy-free by letting go of your inhibitions, the effort of putting on some comfortable clothes and heading out for a little fun will be a breeze.
This type of confidence will help you become more comfortable in your own skin. Beware not to get lulled into being overconfident. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things and accepting more challenges. Be more persistent under adverse conditions. A study from the University of Melbourne points out that confident people rise up the ranks more quickly and earn better pay compared to those who are self doubting and insecure. When you let go of your stressors and anxieties, your self-esteem gets a much needed boost.


Be the happy naked person that you are meant to be.

When I’m feeling unsure of myself, I play the song, “Born Free”, strip away all my clothes and worries and embrace the moment. There’s nothing more “freeing” than just being completely nude. Part of the benefits of sleeping naked is that happy joyful feeling of having nothing on. Enjoying how those nice cool sheets touch every part of you is such a treat.


Be more in tune to skin on skin sensations.

Touch is one of the most effective ways of communicating with your sleeping companion. Imagine how both your bodies can better communicate with each other through all the wonderful exciting sensations coursing through your sensitive skin. Whatever transpires will naturally transpire. Oxytocin, that feel good neurotransmitter, assists you in feeling more connected with your partner. All that just by baring your all to the love of your life.


Better sleep is in your near future!

By having nothing on, there’s no chance of your pajamas getting tangled or waking up in the middle of the night with an atomic wedgie. Lessening distractions and other potential disturbances allow you to enter into a better and deeper sleep. That can only mean more good things because it supports a healthier you.
All those constricted parts like armpits, feet, and even in your genital area are now breathing more easily. These normally covered up corners of the body can now become more exposed to the air. Other skin diseases, like athlete’s foot, are dramatically reduced when the wet, damp spaces have an opportunity to dry out. It’s important to let the entire body breathe.


Control your cortisol!

Cortisol, a strange chemical in the body, if not monitored properly, can adversely affect your bodily functions. One of the best benefits of sleeping naked is allowing your body temperature to maintain an optimum level, which promotes healthy levels of cortisol. These levels of cortisol might stay high if the body gets too overheated even after you are awake. Anxiety attacks, junk food binging, unintentional weight gain, and other undesirable effects may occur.
Stress is another detrimental factor when working toward better sleep habits. It can weaken the immune system, decrease cognitive performance, and increase the risk of getting heart disease. Stress can bring about obesity and subsequent depressive states. Cortisol levels go haywire due to stress. Bed rest improves this dramatically and supports better stress management. When you sleep naked, you’re one happy camper without a care in the world. Therefore, no stress!


Balance out your melatonin and other growth hormones.

Temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) seem to be the optimum temperature for an ideal sleep. Melatonin and growth hormone levels are better regulated in this cool setting. You need these chemicals to combat the effects of aging and to maintain good health. Clothes can be restricting and increase body temperature. The increase in temperature may lessen the effectiveness of these hormones. Some say that sleeping naked will truly make you feel younger compared to sleeping fully clothed.


Befriend your private parts.

When exposed to cool conditions, men will have healthier sperm and a high functioning reproductive system. On the other hand, for women, yeast infection is prevented because there’s more air passing through. The warm and moist environment yeast needs to grow is thwarted by a cooler and dryer sleeping situation.


Beat the summer heat as you lie naked on the sheets.

Hot summer nights can have a negative effect on your sleep health. Feeling sticky and overheated is just not ideal for good sleep. This becomes severely more unbearable if the air conditioning is on the fritz or non-existent. By shedding the robe and covers, coolness comes pretty quickly.
These sleeping naked benefits are some suggestions on how to get the most out of bedtime. Be prudent and avoid freezing yourself; too cold of temperatures can cause a rough night of sleep.
For these benefits of sleeping naked to take effect, it all starts by taking off one piece at a time.